Qorxu is an experimental prototype of a high difficulty shooter. In this game the player must survive while defeating enemies and discover secrets about his ancestor.


Naturez4 is the prototype of a digital educational game of turn-based strategy using cards, designed to protect a forest for the most amount of time.


In Sórtia, the player assumes the role of a character that aims to unravel the solution of challenges, while discovering a little more of the history of this fantasy universe in which he has just woken up.

Insomnia – The Tower of Dreams

Help the Insomnia Squadron reach the top floor of the dream tower, completing many floors with procedural difficulties in 4 difficulty options (including one for hardcore gamers).

The Big Party

In this game, the player will count on luck, probability, spatial perception and the planning of possibilities to maximize their score, removing random pieces of 1 of the 3 colors to build the best strategic distribution on your map.

Mario and the Poetry

Mario and the Poetry is a small beat ’em up game, with a “slow” proposal, where the only weapon is poetry to bring happiness while looking for his beloved.

Deadly Traps Against Zombies

Play now Deadly Traps Against Deadly Zombies, inspired by the nostalgia of 2D platform classics, with challenges for you to develop your move and escape skills during the 24 levels available so far, and with 6 different characters.