Card Trip

Card Trip is an analog deck-building game about the experience of doing a road trip. Who will get more stories on this adventure?


quad is a casual game of minimalistic puzzles in which you need to find the right move according to the movement patterns.


V is a minimalist puzzle about the choices you’ll need to make to find the best path.

The Stories of Caelum

Caelum was a very old library, which for a long time had safely kept the knowledge of the world. With a mysterious beauty, he mixed the countless shelves with artifacts from many different places.


Qorxu is an experimental prototype of a high difficulty shooter. In this game the player must survive while defeating enemies and discover secrets about his ancestor.


Naturez4 is the prototype of a digital educational game of turn-based strategy using cards, designed to protect a forest for the most amount of time.


In Sórtia, the player assumes the role of a character that aims to unravel the solution of challenges, while discovering a little more of the history of this fantasy universe in which he has just woken up.