Dice is a simple (web and responsive) dice rolling app for when you are going to play and don’t have dice around.

It is built to be a tool for game designers, since the engine enables the creation of links to personalized dice, thus being able to share a tool with the players quickly.

Some possible dice examples are: “D6”, “D-4”, “D6+D20”, “D6, D2”, “I(-1;6)”, “D(πŸ‰;πŸ‹;🍌;🍍;🍎;πŸ“)”, “D(0;0;0;1;5;10)”…

Another feature available is the sharing of the roll history. So it is possible to send a link that will reproduce exactly the same results in the same original order. Both players can share a match to compare results with friends, and the designer can share a “game scenario.”

Being an RNG created for simplicity, understand that the data is not statistically perfect and should be used only for fun.