Pixel Art Life – A pixel art editor

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Pixel Art Life is a pixel art editor mobile app made with Unity.

Designed with a focus on simplicity but seeking to deliver powerful tools so that anyone can make pixel art on mobile.

The app itself is simple: you add or remove colored pixels to the canvas. You can paint using the color palettes generated with our powerful generator or create your own palette. And in the end, you can export the art with high quality and share it on all your social networks.

For this application was created:

  • Created with C#, using Unity;
  • 9 color palette generation algorithms;
  • Fundamental image editing tools;
  • Management of local files (create, save, edit);
  • File data
  • Painting grid data
  • Color palette data
  • Themes of the day, which offers daily suggestions of themes for users;
  • UI and UX;

The main focus of the app is creative entertainment.