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In Sórtia, the player assumes the role of a character that aims to unravel the solution of challenges, while discovering a little more of the history of this fantasy universe in which he has just woken up. The winning condition of the game is in its advance until it reaches the last level.

An experimental game for Windows and Mac desktops, developed by Jordy Adan, Renata Silvério, Christhian Gruhn and Cássio Vinicius, students from Curitiba, Brazil.

This game was developed and distributed during the course of Technology in Digital Games.

In the media

– Digital Games Event exposes student games (Positive CT)


– Character design and animation (Artstation)


– Art Exhibition of SBGames 2018 – Selection in the category Concept Art, “Character of Sórtia”


  • Computer game
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