tini – The Little World


tini is a little world that has little adventures.
tini is a small game that has great challenges.

Test your control and your daring to get the best results on an infinite adventure through the tini lands. Stay alive for longer, completing quests in small randomly generated maps, for a unique experience every time you venture into this little world.

An experience that mix elements of arcades with a semi-roguelike in a casual game.

About the Development

Second game for XP Project, developed in 14 days, and available for free in the Play Store for Android phones and on itch.io for web. The concept came early in the creation process, as an “RPG adventure mixed with Arcade”. In this cycle the scope was better organized, causing ideas to be quickly iterated, being documented several mechanics that could be added in the future.

Optimization was one of the focuses of development, with a reduction of almost 80% of the number of tris (polygons) between the prototype and the final version.