WordPress Plugin: Use Hashtags

“Use Hashtags” is a WordPress plugin that allows the use of hashtags in the content. Just type # plus a word, and the plugin will automatically convert it into a link.

The link directs the user to the site’s search page (in addition to generating some other advanced possibilities). When accessing the search, it will be a regular search showing relevant content that also uses that hashtag.

The purpose of the plugin is to improve the user experience, as it creates a new navigation layer within the content.

  • There is no need to keep hashtags, just add them to the text, and you’re done.
  • This plugin is non-destructive, so it does not make any changes to the way your content is saved. Only when the content is displayed, the link will appear to the visitors.
  • This plugin does not generate external links.
  • Tested with some of the most popular themes.

šŸ’” The plugin was created to meet a personal need on some of my sites and is distributed for free.

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