Board Game – Roll and Write – 1 or more players – 20 to 30 minutes

Want to have fun playing a different board game without spending ANYTHING?

We made a special edition of our strategy roll and write game for you to print and play

Numerado, um jogo roll and write de estratégia, gratuito para download.

In Numerado your objective is to build your own opportunities, making the most points, through the results of the operations.

👑 Who will be the numbered king or queen?

Download the game!

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You just need to download the game, print it right there at your home (only 1 sheet per player), get a pen, 2 dice (if you don’t have dice, we have alternatives in the rules) …


😜 Strategy game, casual and familiar
🧠 To think, calculate and challenge yourself
🤸‍♀️ Have fun with a new activity
🏡 Perfect for a day at home
🤑 Did I say it’s free to print and play ?!
🍃 After playing, recycle!

Print and Play

A Print and Play game, which you download to your computer, print and play!


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Easy to Learn

Simple and easy to understand rules, you start playing in minutes.

And it can be used in the classroom!

This game was also thought to be a teaching experience for children, young people, and adults.

If you are a teacher, a school, or a company, you can use it for free in your classes or training. The main subject here is strategic thinking!

Then tell us how it turned out. The contact email is

🎯 Development of strategic thinking
🎲 Action planning
👩‍🔬 The practice of basic mathematical operations
📚 Use in playful learning

Created by Christhian Gruhh.

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